Story Time

I am a photographer that learned to take photos using just my iPhone. Limiting myself to such a simple tool, I merely focused on developing an eye for the key principles of photography; composition and light. For a long time this camera proved more than sufficient as I went from documenting my daily life in my backyard to shooting a full 8 month journey abroad, on nothing more but an iPhone 6s.

The technical aspects of photography only came into play when I first bought my Fujifilm X-Series camera. That became my incentive to start shooting more portraits of my friends and made a habit out of documenting our adventures together. As time passed, I started taking on more commercial jobs and have worked with a lot of different clients, ranging from a variety of local artists to internationally renowned clothing and retail brands.

I specialise in commercial portraiture, with a focus on the product, and documentary photography but am always looking out for more travel-oriented work. During all this, I also started my own camera strap company called Qord Amsterdam. Here, I focus on product design and community. You can send me a message through the contact form below.

Get in touch now, I’ll get back to you soon. Promise.