About me

Mitchel Lensink is a photographer that learned to take photos using just his iPhone. Limiting himself to such a simple tool, he merely focused on developing an eye for the key principles of photography, composition and light. For a long time this camera proved more than sufficient as he went from documenting his daily life in his backyard to shooting a full 8 month journey abroad, on nothing more but an iPhone 6s. The technical aspects of photography only came into play when he first bought his Fujifilm X-Series camera. That became his incentive to start shooting more portraits of his friends and made a habit out of documenting their adventures together. 

As time passed, Mitch started taking on more commercial jobs and has worked with a lot of different clients, ranging from a variety of local artists to internationally renowned clothing and retail brands. He specialises in commercial portraiture, with a focus on the product, and documentary photography but is always looking out for more travel-oriented work. During all this, he also started his own camera strap company called Qord Amsterdam. Here, he is focussed on product design and art direction, while at the same time taking great joy in building something for the people with his own hands. You can send him a message through the Contact page or directly to WhatsApp.